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How does cancer research become a cancer treatment?

The newest treatments are approved because people with cancer enrolled in clinical trials. Cancer clinical trials measure whether new therapies or new combinations are better than the best treatments we have today. Today's cancer treatments were measured carefully in many clinical trials before being approved for use by everyone.

How we can help?

Stand Up To Cancer has provided this resource for you to register with the Clinical Trials Finder, a free and confidential cancer clinical trial matching and referral service operated by EmergingMed (Privacy Policy). Clinical Trial Navigators are available to guide you through the search process AND notify you know when new trials open that match a specific profile.

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Fill out the questionnaire and review your answers with a Clinical Trial Navigator who will make sure you are successfully connected with the clinical trials and locations that match your specific diagnosis, stage and treatment history. We recommend that you explore clinical trial options each time you have to make a treatment decision. Request a call if you need assistance.

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